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Are ICEtrekkers difficult to put on?

ICEtrekkers are very easy to put on and take off. Most people find a seated position is the easiest method. Others prefer to place the device on the shoe, and center it, while the shoe is off the foot.

What types of footwear do ICEtrekkers fit?

Our ICEtrekkers models comfortably fit a full range of footwear types. For dress shoes, we find that users prefer our ICEtrekkers Spikes model.

Do ICEtrekkers work in sub-zero temperatures?

Yes, ICEtrekkers are designed for use in sub-zero temperatures. They are used in rugged environments ranging from the North Slope of Alaska to Antarctica and Kazakhstan.

How do I know which ICEtrekkers product best fits my needs?

Can I order ICEtrekkers products from your Website?

Yes. Retail customers can purchase from this website.

Safety and industrial customers, please contact us for information on the nearest distributor, or for help addressing your specific needs.

Call: 1 (866) 925-8729 or email us at: for further information.

Do you offer a warranty?

All ICEtrekkers products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship. If you experience premature breakage, please return them to your dealer or contact us at:

How long have you been in business?

ICEtrekkers was established in 1986.

How do I care for my ICEtrekkers?

It is always best to rinse them with fresh water after use, particularly if they have been in contact with ice melt solutions. Then pat dry.

How long will my ICEtrekkers last?

It will depend on how often you wear ICEtrekkers and on what surfaces. If you use them only on ice and snow they will last indefinitely. If you wear them often on cleared pavement or rock, they will wear faster. Chemical and ice melt solutions may reduce the wear life as well.

Is there a front and back?

Yes, please refer to the photos on the website and packaging. Additionally, the Diamond Grips and Chains have "front" embossed on the front end of the rubber sling. On the Spikes, the part of the rubber sling with 4 spikes is meant to be positioned under the ball of the foot.

I am interested in purchasing ICEtrekkers for my employees. Where can I purchase them in quantity?

Please contact us at Phone: 1 (866) 925-8729 and we can refer you to a safety/industrial supply distributor or retailer.